Fenton Upward Basketball

Leading Children to Christ through Sports

How You Can Help

As you know, the Upward program relies totally on volunteers.  Without them, there would be no program.  Hence, we need everyones participation to make your childs experience the best it can be.  You don't have to know a lot about basketball as there are many places where you can help.  Below are the volunteer departments where we need assistance.  Remember, even just a few hours helping makes the difference.

Look over the areas and prayerfully consider where you can help.  Contact us by email at fentonupwardbasketball@gmail.com or by using the contact us page and let us know where you'd like to be involved.

 Thank you for helping us make this program special!


 EvaluationsThere are 3 evaluation nights.  Needs include setup/cleanup, uniform sizing, registrations, hall monitors, and child evaluations.
 Coaches If you are interested in coaching your childs team, please indicate your commitment on the registration form.  If you are interested in coaching any team, please contact us.
 Referees Referees will be for Saturday games.  Normally two referees per game.  Includes controlling the game and helping the children to learn the game.
 Scorekeepers Games are only 1 hour long.  Consider keeping score for your childs game.  Best seat in the house!
 Concessions Help our program by working the concessions table.  You don't have to do it all day.  Only when you can
 Prayer Partners        This program needs prayer.  Consider praying for us.
 Devotions 3-5 minutes long during halftime of each game hour.  Everyone has a testimony or something to share to affect the heart of a child.
 Hall Monitors Keeping people moving and in the right place ensures a smooth program.  We always need help here.

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